Corrida para a Extinção

The plight of manta rays, being decimated for the bogus medicinal attributes of their gill rakers,
is emblematic of a wasteful trade in vulnerable wild species.

Shark finning is one of the many issues tackled in Racing Extinction. In this unconscionable trade, sharks are killed for their fins, and the still-living sharks are dumped back into the ocean, all in the name of shark-fin soup.

Global awareness of shark finning as an unsustainable practice is increasing, leading to optimism that environmental education might help forge more responsible behaviors among the film’s audience.

Louie Psihoyos, director of The Cove, takes on some of the greatest challenges facing our planet today in his new documentary Racing Extinction.

The Racing Extinction team used a custom Tesla electric car with a high-powered projector
to illuminate the sides of buildings, including the United Nations, with ecological messages.

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